What's the dress code?
Casual.  Wear jeans if you want, or if getting dressed up is your thing that's fine too.  Feel free to wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.  We don't make a big fuss over suits and ties, because we're more concerned about you than what you wear.

What's the feel of your services?
Relaxed, Relevant, and Refreshing.  These three words best describe our style.  We like a relaxed environment because we think worship should be more like a celebration and less like study hall.  We strive to be relevant because we believe the message should prepare you for life on Monday and not put you to sleep.  And we want every visit to The Springs to be refreshing so that you leave feeling inspired and closer to God.

What's the music like?
Contemporary!  Our music is similar to what you would hear on popular Christian radio.  Our volunteer worship band likes to both rock it out in celebration and slow it down in meditation so you can worship God in a personal and pressure free way.

Am I going to be hounded to give money?
No!  If you're visiting we don't want you to feel any pressure to give.  Just let the plate pass during the offering.  Our church is supported by our members and regular attenders.  We want the service to be our gift to you!

What's the meaning behind those 3 circles?
Connection and Devotion.  At The Springs we exist to help people who are seeking God become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  Our logo models this mission.  In the same way more bars on your cell phone indicate a better connection, our three circles represent our desire to help people become more connected to God and the church.