He Said, She Said

Relationships are a part of everyone's life.  In this series we explore how being Christians impacts those relationship and helps us navigate the in and outs of living in community with people.


He Said, She Said -  Week One
05/10/2015, Pastor Barry Briggs

Barry kicks off our series with a specail message fro Mother's Day.

He Said, She Said -  Week Two
05/17/2015, Pastor Barry Briggs

When relationships get tough and conflict arises, we need to press into God's plan for PEACE and allow our conflict to strengthen those relationships.

He Said, She Said -  Week 4
06/07/2015, Pastor Barry Briggs

Would Would Jesus Say?  Pastor Barry brings a message about building trust, guarding thoughts, listening, and empowering others using our words.

He Said, She Said -  Week 5
06/14/2015, Pastor Barry Briggs

As our relationship series continues, Pastor Barry, talks about marriage and pressing into God's desires for marriages.

He Said, She Said -  Week 6
06/21/2015, Pastor Barry Briggs

In the final week of our series, He Said, She Said, we look at one of the most important ingredients in any succesful relationship, Humilty.